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Latest Online Activities
Title Expiration Date Contact Hours
Convenient Clinician's Role in Increasing Vaccination and Immunization Rates (CHPC on-demand Webcast) 09-23-2017 1.00
Achieving Glycemic Control: Promoting Patient Self-Monitoring and Exploring Innovative Treatment Strategies in the Convenient Care Setting (CHPC On-demand Webcast) 09-23-2017 1.00
Examining the Utility of Long-acting Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes (CHPC On-demand Webcast) 09-23-2017 1.00
Validating Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (CHPC on-demand Webcast) 09-23-2017 2.00
Supporting the Psoriasis Patient in the Convenient Care Clinic: A Focus on Therapy Management (CHPC on-demand Webcast) 09-23-2017 1.00
Long-acting Insulins in Type 2 Diabetes: The Role of the Pharmacist in Patient Counseling and Support [On-demand Webinar] 09-12-2017 1.00
Optimizing Treatment Regimens for Multiple Sclerosis: The Pharmacist's Role in Advancing Patient Care 09-12-2017 2.00
Improving Asthma Management with Tools and Devices 09-12-2018 2.00
Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Next Generation of Treatment 09-12-2017 3.00
Pharmacists on the Multidisciplinary Team: Implementing Best Practices in Chemo-Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV) Management 09-08-2017 2.00
Heart Failure: Emerging Therapies and the Pharmacist's Role at Discharge and Beyond [On-demand Webinar] 09-02-2017 1.00
Continuing Professional Development: A Community Pharmacy Perspective 08-31-2017 0.50
Value-Based Decisions in Diabetes: Evaluating Safety, Efficacy, and Costs of Therapeutic Alternatives 08-30-2017 2.00
Pharmacists Optimizing the Transition of Care and Patient Adherence in COPD [On-demand Webinar] 08-25-2017 1.00
The Role of the Pharmacist in Achieving Tight Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes: Promoting Patient Self- Monitoring and Aggressive Treatment Strategies [On-demand webinar] 08-17-2017 1.00
Medical Crossfire®: Diagnostic and Management Challenges in Hyponatremia 08-15-2017 2.00
Evaluating Allergic Rhinitis in the Convenient Health Care Clinic: Treatment Strategies for Clinicians and Pharmacists 08-15-2018 2.00
Types Of Insulin - What is The Difference? [Pharmacy Technicians] 07-31-2017 1.00
Personalized Management and Value Based Decisions in Diabetes: Evaluating Outcomes, Safety, Convenience and Costs - Part 1: Personalized Management in Type 2 Diabetes 07-27-2017 0.50
Personalized Management and Value Based Decisions in Diabetes: Evaluating Outcomes, Safety, Convenience and Costs – Part 2: Using Quality Measures to Enhance Quality of Care and Reduce Costs in Diabetes 07-27-2017 0.50