PCSK9 Inhibitors: Exploring Treatment Options for Hyperlipidemia and Optimizing Patient Care


This webinar will examine the current FDA-approved PCSK9 inhibitors with clinical trial data on safety and efficacy and real-world data for the management of hyperlipidemia.


Clinical Updates on the Rapid Advancements in COVID-19 Care: Vaccine Uptake and the Retail Pharmacist


This educational activity will provide pharmacists with an understanding of the reasons for vaccine hesitancy as well as an in-depth review of the status of efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine including considerations for storage, administration, and adverse effect monitoring.


Advances in the Management of Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in the Era of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors


Through this activity, learners will gain an understanding of tumor genome testing in non-small cell lung cancer and will also become familiar with the place in therapy for immune checkpoint inhibitors.


PCSK9 Inhibitors: The Need for a Patient-Centered Approach to Hyperlipidemia Management


This activity highlights an overview of hyperlipidemia and updated guideline recommendations for healthcare professionals as they are intricately involved in identifying appropriate candidates for PCSK9 inhibitor therapy, educating patients, monitoring clinical responses, and working with clinicians to implement crucial interventions.