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The rapid spread of COVID-19 has been of utmost concern for health care professionals. This novel disease has caused unprecedented infection rates, complications, resource usage, and considerations in the management and treatment of patients. Pharmacists remain the most accessible health care professionals, and during this public health emergency, the information they provide must be accurate and timely.

This 5-part COVID-19 webinar series will equip pharmacists with the most up-to-date data available on virology, emerging therapies and vaccines, and patient management, as well as mental health, financial, and quality of life burdens of COVID-19 on patients and health care personnel.

CE Activity Curriculum


Latest News

Although Research is Progressing, Many Questions Remain About COVID-19

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Reducing or Eliminating Hypertension Medication Can Help Prevent Kidney Injury in COVID-19 Patients

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Week in Review: Evidence is Lacking for Use of Oral Antibiotics in Rhinosinusitis

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Johnson & Johnson Announces Phase 3 Single-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

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Study: Certain Immunosuppressing Drugs Do Not Increase Risk for Contracting COVID-19

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COVID-19 Pandemic Has Increased Stress, Depression

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Scientists Predict COVID-19 to Become Seasonal Virus in Near Future

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Week in Review: Study Shows Substance Use Disorders Possibly Linked to COVID-19

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*Additional information and expanded timelines from these major organizations can be found here:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

US Food and Drug Administration

World Health Organization

This resource center is supported by an educational grant from Pfizer Inc.

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