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Oncology Consultations™: Identifying Best Practices of the Multidisciplinary Team in CINV Management 06-27-2017 2.00
Overcoming Patient Barriers in Glycemic Control: Clinical Advances in Combination GLP-1 and Insulin Therapy 06-12-2017 2.00
Role of Specialty Pharmacists in Preventing Vision Loss Resulting from Macular Edema 06-12-2017 2.00
The Role of the Health Care Professional in Ensuring the Safe and Effective Use of Dietary Supplements 06-12-2018 2.00
A Look into Hepatitis C Treatment Options from a Clinical and Managed Care Perspective 06-12-2017 2.00
Update on Screening and Treatment of Colon Cancer 06-10-2017 1.00
Specialty Pharmacies and Care Coordination in Multiple Sclerosis [On-demand Podcast] 06-01-2017 1.00
Easing the Patient Burden of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis: The Role of the Specialty Pharmacist [On-demand Podcast] 06-01-2017 1.00
Emerging Strategies in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Focus on Reduction of Disease Progression and Disability [On-demand Podcast] 06-01-2017 1.00
Managing Hyperlipidemia: A New Charge for Specialty Pharmacy with the Advent of PCSK9 Inhibitors [On-demand Podcast] 06-01-2017 1.00
Opportunities, Challenges and Clinical Adoption of Biosimilars: Updates for Specialty Pharmacy [On-demand Podcast] 06-01-2017 1.00
The Evolving Role of Specialty Pharmacists in Cancer Immunotherapy: New Pathways, Agents, Opportunities, and Challenges [On-demand Podcast] 06-01-2017 1.00
Impact of Obesity Interventions on Managed Care 05-16-2017 3.00
The Evolving Treatment Landscape in Heart Failure: Applying Pharmacists in the Hospital and Retail Setting 05-15-2017 2.00
Exploring the Critical Elements of Hyperkalemia: A Hospital Pharmacist's Perspective 05-15-2017 2.00
Cost-Effectiveness of Disease-Modifying Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis: A Managed Care Perspective 05-12-2017 3.00
The Role of the Community Pharmacist in Managing Long-Acting Reversible Contraception – Patient Case Study 05-11-2017 1.00
Pharmacists Reaching Out ® in Diabetes: Optimizing Insulin Therapy Through Patient Engagement and Management 05-30-2017 3.00
SAMe for Osteoarthritis and Comorbid Cholestatic Liver Disease - Case Study 04-29-2018 1.00
SAMe as an Option for Treatment-Intolerant Depression 04-29-2018 1.00